10 Offices that Perfectly Reflect Their Brand

Gone are the days of boring cubicles and unimaginative office designs, because many offices are stepping outside of cookie-cutter office furniture and creating an office space that leaves a good impression on everyone who walks into the building.

Here are 10 unique office interiors that will inspire you to improve your office style:

Onefootball – Berlin Headquarters

Onefootball Office

This office space is perfect for the sports enthusiast, with locker-room style coat hangers and running track themed hallways. The green, white, and gray color theme makes you feel as though you just stepped onto the sports field.

Amobee – Foster City Offices

Amobee Office

Aligned with the modern, digital business model, this office has a clean and simple design. The simplicity of the design lends to modern style, with modern art, distinct pathways, and a unique use of light to maximize the space.

RB Canada – Ontario Offices

RB Canada Office

Instead of sectioning off the break room and group collaboration areas, this office has created a space that is open, inviting and comfortable for employees. The colors are bright and inviting, and the open space in the room makes it easy for many people to gather in smaller groups and meetings.

Shipwire – Sunnyvale Offices

Shipwire Office

When you walk into this office space you will see glass walls and flexible furniture, allowing the office to be adjusted to any meeting that is occurring throughout the day. Employees can choose their comfortable workspace, including both seated and standing workstations.

Mountain Tech View Offices

Mountain Tech View Office

With wide windows, comfortable couches, and pops of color throughout the office design, it is easy to see how this space is both comfortable and collaborative at the same time.

Arkwright – Oslo Offices

Arkwright Office

There is no doubt that this company is setting the right impression for their brand, because this office is designed with a unique staircase which will capture the attention of everyone who walks in the building. The comfortable, open seating is the perfect complement to the rest of the room.

Blueprint – Hong Kong Coworking Offices

Blueprint Office

Coworking is becoming more popular, and this office space is designed with the mobile professional in mind. Large desks, comfortable chairs, and private meeting rooms make it a great place for flexibility and movement throughout the day.

Rapha – London Headquarters

Rapha Office

This cycling clothing and accessories company has found a great balance between company branding, functionality, and style at the same time. The office is open and designed with flexible workspaces, promoting efficiency and productivity among employees.

Newell Rubbermaid – Kalamazoo Design Center

Newell Office

Tall ceilings, a clean interior, and wide spaces set an impression when someone walks into this office. The design styles are unique, and the living plants bring a touch of life to the office.

Kalekent – Istanbul Sales Offices

Kalekent Office

Breaking away from the boring desks and cubicles, this office is designed to be open and boost creativity with the modern design styles. The room easily facilitates large and small group gatherings, and there are plenty of seats to make sure that everyone is comfortable during the conversation.

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