5 Big Trends in Modern Office Design

Modern office design is all about creating unique, interesting and inspiring workspaces.

Attracting and retaining the best employees is crucial for today’s businesses. If you want the best employees, you need to create an appealing workplace.

The most dynamic businesses today are in a war for talent, and to get the best talent they are using the workplace as a tool to retain and attract the best staff.

According to design firm Hassell, workplace costs, which account for about 15 per cent of an employers’ costs in contrast to salaries, which
make up 85 per cent, can have a disproportionately large effect when it comes to attracting and retaining staff.

So let’s take a look at how you can improve employee productivity and your office aesthetics with some of the latest trends in modern workplace design.

1. Collaborative Spaces

Collaborative workspaces are key in modern offices. Few employees these days work alone on projects or tasks. What we are seeing from our clients is the increased need for teams of employees
working together to achieve a common goal.  To improve collaboration and communication, partitions between workspaces are short or non-existent.

Office design also has to accommodate for small, quiet rooms which enable groups of three to five people to meet. This may include meeting rooms, usually separated with open glass partitions for spontaneous meetings between team members working together on a project.

2. Shared Desking

Benching style desking systems are perfect for collaboration between teams of four to
eight people. These workstation layouts are ideal for
focused, shared and team based work. You can also combine them with a cluster or pod type workstation which will add more privacy for each person.

Shared desktops throughout the office floor can support two or four people who work together frequently or provide space for spontaneous shared work. This type of modern office environment provides ideal conditions to younger employees to learn from more experienced employees. They can ask questions and observe how they work.


3. Mobility and Flexibility

Flexible chairs with wheels, mobile multi-use chairs and stools for standing desks are becoming very popular with clients.  Seating that can move with employees is fostering the collaboration and flexibility needed in modern-day workplaces.

Today’s employee is also increasingly aware of the negative health effects of prolonged sitting, hence the focus on ergonomic chairs for employees at all levels and stand up desks.


Height adjustable desking also dramatically reduces the overall footprint in the office and it’s inherent in their design that they encourage collaboration and communication within the office space,
providing staff with greater mobility and improved productivity.

4. More Greenery

People work better when they don’t feel like they are trapped inside all day. Greenery and plants will become a lot more popular in a lot more offices as we are seeing in the demand from our clients.

In particular, demand is growing for vertical gardens – a structure that holds indoor plants in a vertical and horizontal pattern in freestanding columns and walls. These vertical gardens are an innovative way to enjoy indoor greenery in any space, either as a living wall feature or used as a stunning room divider.

They make an amazing visual statement to both potential visiting clients and employees.


5. Cafe Style Kitchens

Everyone knows that people commune around food right? At Google, employees are never further than 150ft. away from food because of their 150-feet from food office design rule.

So why not design more spaces that accommodate that? Plus, eating together can bring about more collaboration and communication between staff.


Key Takeaways

The modern workplace needs the office space to be flexible and efficient. An open plan office environment is supportive of diverse work styles and provides multiple opportunities for collaborative work and group activities. It is also proven to directly contribute to outcomes such as employee retention, reduced costs and improved productivity.

While it is true that some of these “open office” trends in modern office design can be great for reducing fitout costs (not so many walls & partitions) and fostering collaboration, and increased communication between staff, many employees (and managers) can find them noisy, distracting and lacking privacy.

This is why it is very important that a balance is found between fostering collaboration and protecting privacy. As a business owner, to be able to enjoy the benefits of collaborative office design such as reduced employee turnover, absenteeism, increased employee retention and productivity gains, you must set up your office with plenty of quiet spaces for meetings and private places where employees can shut the door on noise.

Modern Office Design Specialists

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