There’s No Place Like Home: Turning your Workspace into a Homely Environment

With an abundance of tasks to get done and an ever-growing pile of paperwork to be completed, it’s not uncommon for you to feel like you need an inspiring workspace to get that motivation chugging. When a majority of us spend more time in the office than we do at home, we’re inclined to desire a space that allows us to feel comfortable, at ease and, ultimately, at home.

Bringing a home-inspired interior design concept to the office means knowing the ins and outs of what exactly describes “comfort” and “homeliness” in the first place. Fortunately, there are a few basics that any office-dweller can follow, in order to turn a bland work environment into a homely, creatively focused environment.

Go Cosy With Couches


While some of us might find ourselves taking five to lounge about on our lunch break on soft, plush couches, others may also find it to be a helpful space to spark brainstorming sessions and productive conversations. Sometimes, sitting at a roundtable in a white-walled meeting room is exactly where a team shouldn’t be. In order to ensure the right work is being done, add a few couches around the office to create a corner of comfort where colleagues can meet for work-related sessions that motivate, rather than drain. This option is also great for productivity and freeing up meeting rooms and making use of available space.

An Apple a Day


Ensuring there is a consistently replenished pile of fruit and healthy snacks for employees to access means eliminating those often-unsightly vending machines from the office. It also means giving employees a reason to eat clean, promoting wellbeing and decreasing the chance that they’ll head outside the office to find something to nibble on – it’s a win-win. For interior design, it also gives any workspace a touch of home, helping staff to feel like there’s a relatable, familiar environment around them.

Those good old coffee table books

You’ve probably got them at home, so why not opt for them in the office, too? Stack a pile of notable titles in common areas. These are perfect for bringing out colour in the place and giving a living room appeal to certain areas (they’re also great on the off chance that someone might fancy reading them, too).

Add a Little Greenery


Nothing says “home” more than a few little plants around the place. Increase the air quality in the space, all the while adding a hint of colour and liveliness to lift spirits. Inexpensive and effortless, plants give a distinct touch of comfort in any environment. Opt for cacti or succulents, if you’re not so much of a green thumb.

Adding a few simple touches that you’d find in your home can transform the space you work in. Turning a dull workspace into a homely environment doesn’t need to be a challenge – just think about what gives you that sense of comfort when you are in the comfort of your own home, then bring those design aspects to work.