White Office Furniture Designs - Create Airy, Open Workspaces

Office looking

Need inspiration for a more
modern, luxurious and spacious look for your brand new office space?

Create Beautiful, Clean and Open Space

White office furniture and workstations will help create a sense of increased space and light in your workspace.

White, open plan office furniture designs are increasingly popular as
employers are realizing the benefits of having an office space look
bright and spacious to both employee morale and productivity.


Elegance, Simplicity and Sophistication

White is the most soothing colour that enhances the beauty of your
workspace. It is the timeless colour that will never go out of fashion.

By adding white office desks or chairs, you can modernise and instantly
update the look and feel of an executive room, boardroom or even a
breakout area. See our modern office cafe bench below.

If you have dark carpet tiles or concrete flooring, combining white
office desks or chairs will give your work environment a sophisticated

Combine To Give Accent

By combining white loose office furniture such as mobile filing
cabinets, tambours, credenza’s, long desks or workstations with other
colours, can give striking accent to a particular area of your

For example, you can choose red or green seat toppas
(cushions) on your mobile caddies, or even green plants or folders and
achieve a beautiful look with your white furniture.

JP Office Workstations are leaders in
white office furniture
and modern & contemporary business furniture design. We supply and
install workstations and commercial furniture Australia-wide.

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