9 Offices with Unforgettable Wall Art


Wall art is more than just fun to look at. From a decorative standpoint, the décor is a wonderful way to fill in dead space. On a personal level, it’s been proven to trigger positive emotional responses and improve moods using visual inspiration, and it helps to make an office feel more connected.

Hook and Loop
Location: New York, New York

Hook and Loop is the design company that works to help make things easier for professionals and believes in business applications that are effective and handling a lot of data leg work. Their wall art is interchangeable because they wanted to add personalization and a custom touch as part of their work area to make their staff feel special and valued.


Location: Quebec City, Canada

STGM is forward moving and embraces the green life. The wall mural at their headquarters radiates a hip, urban feel as the graphic wall content uses art to hint at bold development and a sense of purpose to change the world for the better. Through its display of winding streets and tall buildings, STGM shows that it has the concerns of the city on its brain.


Wild Card Media
Location: Culver City, California

The staff at Wild Card Media find themselves working late. A lot. A production studio that specializes in entertainment for big budget films by creating the trailers that add interest and marketing power is what they do. There are well-organized, and visually stunning, framed pictures of films to inspire and remind the crew of the great work that they have done.


Location: New York, New York

The wall art at LinkedIn projects the company’s objective and mindset, allowing employees to feel like they are part of a family instead of just a business by using sentimental pictures of their pets. The art on the wall of the 28th floor follows a monochromatic standard by using different shades of similar colour for eye- catching contrast.


Warner Music
Location: London, UK

Warner Music UK is a huge label, working with some of the biggest talents in music. Its wall collection would be a teenager’s dream for a room that displays personal tastes and personality. Upscale and interesting for professional appeal, every piece of wall décor is a testimony to Warner Music artists and their accomplishments. The protruding glass umbrella alone is enough to stop you in your tracks. Still, their collection of portraits and awards are inspirational and remind everyone of the high standards for the company.


Initiative Media
Location: New York, New York

Initiative is a media and advertising company that knows the recipes for impacting people, made even more evident by their wall art. They have Renaissance portraits that show their regards for cultured work and they play on the emotions by including a large image of the countryside to help workers feel more relaxed. They use words and phrases on the walls to express powerful messages, and their “Miller Time” art shows Miller’s slogan written across the interior brick wall to emphasize the fun environment.


Location: Liverpool, UK

Uniform is another player in the marketing industry, but this company uses eclectic and unexpected style to represent its office. They use a media wall that lets their work speak for itself, and the changing walls show that the company is ahead of the game, able to adapt in a fast paced and ever changing industry. “Imagine The Impossible” is strongly communicated as part of their wall art, and the framed scenic pieces add a nice touch of scenery to the office.


Location: Santa Clara, California

Shutterfly is pretty much a household name at this point. It is a company providing outstanding images to customers in a variety of presentations and formats. Its walls show off images in a bold and engaging way, as it warmly tells beautiful stories thanks to the company’s services.


Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

The Facebook office in Tel Aviv has wall art that contains many different shapes and textures. Much like the company, it’s all about fun and diversity. Using a chalkboard on the wall as an artsy message board and including a green wall of foliage helps to keep this online company refreshed and humanized.

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