Amazing Office Cafeterias

A wise person once said “employees are a company’s most valuable asset” and we couldn’t agree more! To retain talented and hard-working employees, there is more that an employer has to do than just offer monetary incentives.

To foster innovation and creativity, employers must offer their employees a fun and a relaxing workplace so that they can re-charge and energize themselves without burning out. When it comes to creating a fun workplace, the best way to get started is the office cafeteria. Make it a place that employees genuinely look forward to going, during their break. From food to the decor, your office cafeterias should scream fun, enjoyment and relaxation.

If you are ready to give your corporate cafe a makeover, then here are some inspirational ideas for you:

facebook cafeteria with very wooden look


Flaunting a minimalistic design and campus style seatings, this is Facebook’s outdoor eatery at Menlo Park California. It provides hard-working employees at Facebook a wide space in the outdoor setting to relax, eat and rejoice in fresh air.

Googles colourful Kuala Lumpur offices


Google is not far behind! This is Google’s epic cafeteria located at Kirkland, Washington campus. Featuring comfy sofas, lush green plants, colourful photo gallery and fun-filled activities like rock climbing; Google knows exactly how to keep creative minds happy and satisfied.

A very open cafeteria with bright colors at Rocket Fuel Offices

Rock Fuel

Boasting a simple interior design accentuated with colourful and stylish cafe decor, this is Rock Fuel’s office cafeteria. The unique selection of ergonomically contoured cafe seating with chrome plated sleigh frame and small round tables shows Rock Fuel’s concern for comfort for their employees.  The decor is beautifully enhanced by innovate and super creative lighting fixtures that can’t go unnoticed. They perfectly light up the space and accentuate the decor further. cafe parlor cafeteria

If we were to describe this cafeteria design in two words, we would say modern and functional. The design layout is very basic yet modern. The minimalistic design of the lighting fixtures gives the room a calm feeling. Long and rectangular white tables are nicely accentuated by black coloured solid wooden beech leg chairs, featuring ergonomically contoured backrest that provides excellent support to the employees.