Ansarada Office Design by Those Architects and End of Work

When it comes to renovating an old office or opening the doors of a new workplace, designing appropriate interiors is easier said than done. It takes a lot of thought keeping the clients goals and motto in mind. Moreover, the workplace should seamlessly match with the work culture, which is the heart of any business.

Whether, formal, playful, uber modern or styled with a hint of tradition, collaborative and employee friendly architecture is the order that modem businesses follow.

Sydney based architectural firm, Those Architects designed the office of Ansarada which is in the heritage-listed building, Metcalfe Bond Store on Sydney harbor. The building still has an essence of the mercantile character that hint at early twentieth century Sydney. It still oozes the warehouse atmosphere and feels like being in the old world.

Ansarada Open OfficeAnsarada Waiting Room


The office space of the young technology company was designed with a series of installations and it includes an open gym too for a quick workout when the employees feel stressed out in the middle of an exhausting working day. The glass fitouts, which appear rather like floating clouds are awesome meeting spaces which encourage collaboration.

Ansarada, has offices spread out over many countries and have won many awards over the years for its smart and innovative services. Its root however is firmly attached to Sydney and this expressive office with a water front view is its headquarters. This office is not broken down into cubicles and has a feeling of openness and deep space.

Ansarada Lounge

The space measures 9,149 square feet and the outstanding office is mainly designed with natural shades. The wooden plank floors and heavy wooden overhead beams surely suggest an ‘Old charm’ or a ‘Heritage fabric’ which most modern offices miss. The simple yet elegant design mirrors the principles of the company, which are authenticity, simplicity and integrity.

Well conceived and thought-out plan of the office gives enough scope for office collaboration along with entertainment facilities and informal areas for a quick bite. The office also accommodates more than fifty desks and a formal boardroom with video conferencing facilities.

Ansarada Foyer

Simple wooden furniture with an exception at the lobby is rather intentional, to maintain the uncomplicated touch.

Moreover, the company does not mean to stay here forever. It could be one or five years before they move out, but till then it is one of those workplaces where people would love to go back to work when the weekend is over.

Ansarada Meeting Table