Atlassian Office by Studio Sarah Willmer Architecture

Finding the right talent for the right job and keeping employee retention high is a challenge for pretty much every company irrespective of the industry they operate in, but not for Atlassian. Ranked as the best place to work in Australia, working at Atlassian continues to stay at the top of job-seekers wish list. It seems as if practically everybody wants to join and serve this company.  Why is that you wonder? What makes Atlassian the top choice among job seekers and best place to work at?

Here’s a quick review of what Atlassian is doing that many employers are not:

Evolving Workplace Culture

Atlassian private room under stairs

Unlike other workplaces, Atlassian doesn’t preserve its culture. They allow new employees to add to their culture so that it continues to evolve. Simply put, they give newly hired workers a platform to share their viewpoints, perspectives, talent and experiences so that they can evolve and grow with the great people they recruit.

Higher Management is Approachable

Atlassian Steps

They make sure the management is approachable and always equipped to answer employee concerns and queries without delay. They share all company information with their employees, and at the same time, strive to get their input and make them feel valued. In fact, many employers will be surprised to know that Atlassian drafts the company’s financial year plan & strategy and publishes on the intranet for their employees to view and comment. This shows their work transparency and more importantly how much they value their employee input.  

ShipIt Days

Atlassian Office space

Atlassian gives their staff the opportunity to share their ideas with the management after every 3 months. This collaborative environment for employees has shown incredible advantages since implementing.  

Daily Pulse

They have a mood app that lets the management know how their staff is doing every day. This application helps them identify problems and resolve them immediately. Understanding and catering to the well-being of the people who work there goes so much further than can be measured.

Atlassian RecreationOpen Interaction

Atlassian Open Space

This is something we rarely see in offices with hierarchies.  At Atlassian, executives have open mic time with their employees. This gives employees a platform to share their opinion with the higher staff and be heard.

Pre-Start Vacation

Atlassian Tiered Steps

Wait till you here this! Atlassian offers new hires paid leaves before they start. They get to holiday before they join the company. No wonder job seekers love it!

Awesome Office Perks

Atlassian Cafe

Atlassian is highly employee-centric. They know exactly what excites employees. They are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their employees love and enjoy working with them. To make their workplace more fun and exciting, they offer a drinks fridge, pick and mix lolly station, table tennis, boutique beer on tap, video and board games. What more can you ask for? Who wouldn’t want to wake up and get to work with all the office perks like these?