Bright ideas with Less Colour: 3 Incredible Monochrome Office Designs


Location: Melbourne, Australia


Covering 48,437 sq. ft., this company believes in the best of the best when it comes to their employees and their clients. To ensure high quality, this team of IT professionals has to work somewhere where ideas can flow so that the work they output holds up to their reliable brand.

Interactive’s monochrome office inspires this type of productivity, and is offset by strong accent colors. Outside light filters in expertly and the indoor lighting and ceiling is very structured. The design is quite smart and uses angles to help define its concept. Combining residential style and natural fundamentals, it doesn’t come off as excessive and showy. Instead, it prides itself on class and efficiency, even generating power on site and providing the storage availability that this staff needs.

Location: New York, New York


Blue is the color of calm and cool and it only leads to more coolness at this LinkedIn office. Void of much color, the art on the 28th floor is an introduction to those who enter the room and serves as a visual lead to a slogan that powers the team. Shades of silver have a powerful effect in the office, as does the blue that matches the company’s logo. There’s also a monochromatic red room that seems to be put in place for a vividly bold display of passion and power to encourage staff.

With amenities reminiscent of those featured at a high class hotel, employees at LinkedIn are probably pretty happy. Who wouldn’t want to work somewhere that they would also go to in their free time? Following a monochrome scheme, LinkedIn uses the concept to accentuate a specific mood for each room, whether it be for work or play. Fostering communication with properly placed furniture pieces inspired by many different styles, there are also funky patterns and prints that can be found in the office to hint at their trendy culture.

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Macrokiosk is a development company for hardware and software and its monochrome interior captures the elements of progressiveness. Business-oriented with a casual vibe, the design is thoughtful enough to incorporate retail appeal with residential feel. It’s alluring, filled with inventiveness, and aims to be open and approachable.

Light filters in and compliments the geometrical design that fronts the Windows. Words, letters, and messages are throughout the building, and there’s a wall featuring the art for the game of Scrabble. You can find Star Wars and superhero memorabilia, but it all works together to tell the story of Macrokiosk and their developments based on a professional and creative monochromatic palette.